Line Power
The nine floors of the terrace starts from the ground.A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Since we were founded in 2008,adhere to the management idea “technology leading,quiality oriented”,committed to the talents introduction and training,focus on technology research and  technology innovation,under the concern and support of people from all walks of life,Wuhan Line Power Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd. has achieved rapid and healthy development.Just a few years time,we have accomplised the development,appraisal and bulk sales of post composite insulator,line composite insulator and electrified railway composite insulator.Now  Wuhan Line Power  has become an important force in the field of composit insulator in China.
With the rapid development of electric power industry and railway electrification, we deeply know that the opportunity is only one door open for us. There is still a long way to go. Wuhan Line Power Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. all staff will cherish the good start already achieved.Adhering to the traditional fighting spirit, fully implementing advanced management mode which ensures the company in quality and technology lead, we will start from details and perfect service to make the product more fit the needs of users.   
Striving for perfection, striving for excellence,we are committed to making”Line Power Transmission”big,excellent and stronge,and committed to building a professional production base of China’s fist class composite insulator.This is the goal of Line people.
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