Wuhan Line Power Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research,production and sales of high voltage transmission post composite insulator,electrified railway network composite insulator series products. It officially listed in 2015. Now the company openly recruit the following posts from society due to its rapid development.
Male Workers
3 people,male,age from 20 to 50,can adapt to shift work every 8 hours day and night,hard working,foreign account priority,working 8 hours,piece counting wages 5000-8000 yuan.

Female Workers
4 people,female,trimming,age from 20 to 50,hard working,working 8 hours,piece counting wages 2000- 5000 yuan.

Purchase positon
1.College degree or above,with good communication.
2.One year same industry work experience preffered and fresh graduates acceptable.
3.Familar with the basic process and work characteristics of developing suppliers,can work independently.
4.Work carefully,with strong sense of responsibility,and strong coordination ability.
5.With power industry experience and adapt to long term business trip.

Technician position
1.Familiar with the main technical points of the process section, to solve the daily production technology problems, overcome technology difficulties, improve existing problems in production process.
2.Carry out the technical parameters of the process,to find out the unreasonable technological parameters through verification analysis, have the right to make suggestions to the technical department for modification.
3.Assist the technical department in the development of new products,to put forward technical parameters and technical requirements on the purchase of new equipment and tooling.

Field personnel
1.to sign contract and do inspection
2.Handle invoice transfer and payment
3.College degree or above
4.Require correct facial features,language communication skills,familair with computer operation,work carefully.
5.Can accept travel priority.

Foreign merchandiser position
1.Effective customer communication,make detail records on customer calls,letters,fax and timely feedback,patient answers to customer inquiries,keep abreast of customer changes in order to ensure timely meet customer requirements,so as to obtain customer loyalty.
2.Accept customer verbal,telephone orders,and sign product sales contract.
3.Input orders quickly and accurately to provide timely and reliable data base for the operation of the contract.
4.Track and supervise the implementation of the contract and timely reflect the relevant circumstances
5.To prepare a delivery note, notify the finished product warehouse to deliver on time.
6.Keep business secrets.
7.Other tasks assigned by superior.

1.The company grants traffic subsidy and telephone subsidy according to job level.
2.Company statutory holidays issues a gift for staff.    
3.The company organize a staff collective activity each year.
4.The company provide free board and lodging.

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