China State Grid Corporation stake in Greece State Grid Corporation

2017-11-10 17:39:54
Greece local time June 20, China State Grid Corporation staked in Greece State Grid Corporation and Equity delivery ceremony was held in Athens, capital of Greece.At this point,China State Grid Corporation achieved complete success in investing 24% stake  of Greece State Grid Corporation.This is another major investment in the European market after the State Grid Corporation of China entered into the shares of the Portuguese National Energy Network Company and the Italian Energy Net Deposit and Loan Company.It is a new milestone in the internationalization of SGCC.
This is also the latest breakthrough made by the State Grid Corporation of China in actively promoting the "Belt and Road" construction after the "One Belt and One Road" International Cooperation Summit,which opens a new chapter in the energy cooperation between China and Greece, and is of great significance to promote the inauguration of  the Belt and Road initiative in Greece and deepening the all-round strategic partnership between the two countries.
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